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ShengShou Megaminx 2x2

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A simplified version of Megaminx, also called Kilominx. This cube consists only of the corner pieces and is a bit easier to solve than a regular Megaminx.

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Some argue that this cube contains the "fun" part of a Megaminx. The puzzle itself is easy to turn and comes lubricated from the factory. As for corner cutting, one should not expect any miracles, but it cuts enough for a fun and stabile solve.


Mechanically, this is a Megaminx, but the edge pieces are hidden under the corner pieces like on a Dayan Zhanchi 2x2, Edge pieces are equipped with torpedos which makes the cube rather difficult to take apart, even if you try. Middle pieces are black and have a conical shape, they can be seen by looking at the cube. This design makes a very stable cube that is very fun to solve.


The cube weighs 142g and measuring 71mm, which is the same size as a regular Megaminx.